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2411 Caverhill Dr, St. Louis, MO 63136

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Total Investment: $ 86,742.20

Reg S: Non-U.S. Only

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Property Highlights

  • Token Type

    Standard Equity
  • Expected Income


    Not including capital appreciation

  • Income Start Date

    May 1, 2024
  • Income per Token

    $ 4.57 / year
  • Token Price

    $ 50.14
  • Total Tokens


All financial statements of property yield are best estimates based on current conditions, and can change at any time.

We are targeting the above yield for investors; however, no assurance can be given that you will obtain any return on investment, and there is a risk that you can lose your entire investment.

  • Property Type

    Single Family
  • Full Address

    2411 Caverhill Dr, St. Louis, MO 63136
  • Country

  • Source

  • Neighborhood

    Northfield Gardens
  • Construction Year

  • Bedroom/Bath

    2 Beds / 1.5 Bath
  • Rental Type

    Long Term
  • Rented?

    Fully Rented
  • Rent Subsidy?


Property Financials

  • Gross Income / year

    $ 13,320.00
  • Gross Income / month

    $ 1,110.00
  • Monthly Costs

    - $ 451.00
    • Property Management (8.00%)
      - $ 88.80
    • RealT Platform (2.00%)
      - $ 22.20
    • Maintenance Expenses
      - $ 120.00
    • Property Taxes
      - $ 140.00
    • Insurance
      - $ 80.00
    • Utilities
  • Net Income / month

    $ 659.00
  • Net Income / year

    $ 7,908.00
  • Total Investment

    $ 86,742.20
    • Underlying Asset Price
      $ 70,000.00
    • Sourcing Fee (10%)
      $ 8,674.22
    • Initial Maintenance Reserve
      $ 2,220.00
    • Initial Renovation Reserve
      $ 3,000.00
    • Administrative Fees
      $ 2,500.00
    • Miscellaneous Costs
      $ 350.00
    • Unrounded Listing Price
      $ 86,744.22
    • Rounding Difference
      - $ 2.02
  • Expected Income


    Not including capital appreciation

Property Details

  • Lot Size (sqft)

  • Foundation

  • Exterior Walls

  • Roof Type

  • Interior Size (sqft)

  • Heating

    Gas / Forced Air
  • Cooling

  • Building Class

  • Renovated



  • Identifier

  • Total Tokens


Gnosis Chain


Test Renovation content!

Offering Details

  • Offering Date

    February 23, 2024
  • Issuer

    RealToken International 2411 Caverhill St Inc
  • Min. Investment Amount

  • Max. Investment Amount

  • Amount Raised

  • Offering Percent (of Total Tokens)


About the Property

Classic Brick, Modern Comfort

2411 Caverhill is a single-family brick residence that blends classic charm with modern comforts. This inviting home offers 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and an attached 1-car garage, making it an ideal place for young workers or small families. Built on a large 7,405 square-foot lot and surrounded by the Bella Fontaine West County Park, this well-maintained property offers natural green spaces and accessibility.

“Americana” Timeless Appeal

The Northfield Gardens neighborhood is characterized by homes built between 1940 and 1969. This era, marked by post-World War II optimism and the emergence of the Baby Boomer generation, has left an indelible mark on the neighborhood’s landscape, creating a unique ambiance that reflects a classic slice of Americana. Surrounded by greenery and near the Open Door Christian Center and Fresh Start Daycare, Northfield Gardens offers convenient living with access to essential amenities. Noteworthy schools in the area include Crossroads College Preparatory School and St. Louis University High School, contributing to the area’s tenant appeal.

Strategic Missouri Location

Token-holders can anticipate an expected rental income of 9.12%. Acquired for a reasonable $70,000, and with a thoughtful $3,000 renovation budget allocated for the garden and deferred maintenance, this investment is complemented by RealT’s economies-of-scale strategy, as it is strategically located near our 9164 Longridge property. This proximity allows for efficient property management and maximizes the benefits of RealT’s comprehensive approach.


Property Records

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Why St. Louis?

Invest Right

In 2021, St. Louis, MO, earned recognition as one of the top 20 most enjoyable cities in America by WalletHub. Residents express their affection for the city due to factors such as its affordable living costs, budget-friendly housing, and a rich selection of amenities and entertainment options. Many describe St. Louis as a metropolis that expresses both big-city vibes and small-town charm. The city has a diverse economy, excelling in service, manufacturing, trade, transportation, and aviation sectors. St. Louis is renowned for its distinctive Gateway Arch, devoted sports enthusiasts, and a vibrant blues music scene.

The Interests, in the form of Series #1 RealTokens and future series of RealTokens, being offered are highly speculative in nature, involve a high degree of risk and should be purchased only by persons who can afford to lose their entire investment. There can be no assurance that the Company’s business objectives will be achieved or that a secondary market would ever develop for the Interests, whether via the RealToken Website, via third party registered broker-dealers or otherwise. Investing in private placements requires high risk tolerance, low liquidity concerns, and long-term commitments. The Interests being sold are not FDIC insured, may lose value, and there is no bank or other guarantee.

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