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402 S Kostner Ave, Chicago, IL 60624

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Total Investment: $571,230.00

Reg S: Non-U.S. Only

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Property Highlights

  • Expected Yield

  • Rent Start Date

  • Rent per Token

    $5.36 / year
  • Token Price

  • Total Tokens


All financial statements of property yield are best estimates based on current conditions, and can change at any time.

We are targeting the above yield for investors; however, no assurance can be given that you will obtain any return on investment, and there is a risk that you can lose your entire investment.

  • Property Type

  • Construction Year

  • Neighborhood

    West Garfield Park
  • Bedroom/Bath

    1x2, 2x3, 1x4, 2xRetail / 6x1
  • Total Units

    6 Units
  • Rental Type

  • Rented?

    Fully Rented
  • Section 8?

  • Section 8 Pays...


Property Financials

  • Gross Rent / year

  • Gross Rent / month

  • Monthly Costs

    - $2,160.83
    • Property Management (8.00%)
      - $566.20
    • RealT Platform (2.00%)
      - $141.55
    • Property Taxes
      - $192.67
    • Insurance
      - $183.33
    • Utilities
      - $1,077.08
  • Net Rent / month

  • Net Rent / year

  • Total Investment

    • Underlying Asset Price
    • RealT Listing Fee (10%)
    • Initial Maintenance Reserve
    • Initial Renovation Reserve
  • Expected Yield


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Rent Assistance!

This property's rent is partly or wholly paid by the U.S. Federal Government through HUD Section 8.

The rent of Section 8 properties is usually exceptionally stable.

About the Property

Welcome to your new Chicago property! The Kostner Apartments is a beautiful mixed-use building in a fast-growing neighborhood. This stunner features lovely hardwood flooring throughout, with updated kitchen cabinets and bath fixtures. All of the residential units are spacious, with a feel of comfort and security. The building has had recent capital improvements to the furnace, porches, plumbing, and fencing, and all units are fully renovated. S Kostner also enjoys copper piping! As an added bonus, this property includes the lot to the south, 406 S Kostner.

All units are paying rent despite the impact of COVID-19 on the retail tenants. RealT has also set aside $50,000 for additional aesthetic improvements to the building and parking lot in order to maximize the value of this excellent investment. And as the cherry on top, Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood is primed for economic and residential development; for more analysis of nearby neighborhood growth, see Chicago’s plans and the investment summary.


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