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4852-4854 W Cortez St, Chicago, IL 60651

Total Investment: $916,200.00

Reg S: Non-U.S. Only

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Rent Assistance!

This property's rent is partly or wholly paid by the U.S. Federal Government through HUD Section 8.

The rent of Section 8 properties is usually exceptionally stable.

Property Highlights

  • Expected Yield

  • Rent Start Date

  • Rent per Token

    $5.30 / year
  • Token Price

  • Total Tokens

  • Property Type

    Multi Family
  • Construction Year

  • Neighborhood

  • Lot Size

  • Bedroom/Bath

    6x2, 6x3 Beds / 12x1 Baths
  • Total Units

    12 Units
  • Section 8?

  • Section 8 Pays...


All financial statements of property yield are best estimates based on current conditions, and can change at any time.

We are targeting the above equity multiple for investors; however, no assurance can be given that you will obtain any return on investment, and there is a risk that you can lose your entire investment.


  • Gross Rent / year

  • Gross Rent / month

  • Monthly Costs

    - $4,300.00
    • Property Management (8.00%)
      - $980.00
    • RealT Platform (2.00%)
      - $245.00
    • Property Taxes
      - $1,334.00
    • Insurance
      - $265.00
    • Utilities
      - $1,476.00
  • Net Rent / month

  • Net Rent / year

  • Total Investment

    • Underlying Asset Price
    • RealT Listing Fee (10%)
    • Initial Maintenance Reserve
  • Expected Yield


Maintenance Reserve

About the Property

This is RealT’s 100th property, and we couldn’t be prouder! 4852-4854 W Cortez is actually two adjacent multi-family buildings — both beautiful brick, both fully rented, and almost entirely Section 8, making the rent exceptionally stable. Cortez requires no up-front renovations, and the cap rate is truly exceptional for a Chicago property, especially one in such excellent condition.

Cortez is special for another reason, too. We purchased Cortez from an owner-operator who was deeply involved in nurturing the property and hand-picking the tenants. He built a close working relationship with the Section 8 authority in Chicago to ensure that his properties were built for long-term tenancy. We intend to build on this foundation of trust and stewardship, while working to enhance an already-attractive return on investment. This property promises enormous opportunity in a stable, beautiful package!


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