What if I Owned One Token of Every RealT Property?

RealT has recently passed $2,000,000 in Real Estate tokenized on Ethereum! In light of this milestone, we would like to share a summary of the aggregate RealT portfolio.

RealT offers highly curated properties that look for aggressive growth in both rental income and capital appreciation. Because these properties are fractionalized into many different units, its easy to construct a diversified real estate portfolio! As some of these properties are reaching their 1-year birthday of being tokenized and available on Ethereum, we want to ask ourselves the question:

If you had purchased one token of every RealT property, what would your real estate portfolio look like?

Here is a summary of every property that has been made available on RealT:

If you have purchased 1 token from every RealT property:

  • 15 Properties in two different states
  • Initial investment of $1,048.17
  • Aggregate Cap Rate of 11.36%
  • $119.04 in rental income paid per year

RealT’s first property, 9943 Marlowe, has reached its 1-year birthday of the first property ever to be tokenized as ERC20 tokens on Ethereum, and has paid its owners rental income consistently ever since inception.

Fullerton, Audubon, and Patton are close to their 1-year birthday as well, with the same level of consistency!

Investing in Section 8 with COVID-19

RealT specializes in investing in section-8 real estate properties. Section-8 properties are properties that are eligible for government-assisted living for low-income families. Many of RealT’s properties are recently renovated and brought up to section-8 standards in order to produce more and better housing for local communities.

Because of our curation of section-8 properties, RealT’s curation of real estate properties during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a strong choice. Dependable, stable investments that returned 11.36% Y/Y in the last 12 months are few and far between, especially as the greater world seems to be going through a period of significant transition.

Of the 15 properties on the RealT platform, only one has had a tenant move out and vacate the property, causing a temporary loss in rental income. All other properties have maintained tenancy and timely rental payments, even in this time of uncertainty.

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