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RWA Holdings SA, Neuchatel, NE, Suisse

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Total Investment: $ 5,000,000.00

Reg S: Non-U.S. Only

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Token Highlights

  • Total Offering Price

    $ 5,000,000
  • Total Tokens Offered

  • Token Price

    $ 50.00
  • Equity Fraction


This is not an offer to sell securities. These indications of interest and summary information do not purport to include all of the information necessary to evaluate an investment in any of the offerings presented on the RealT Marketplace and are qualified in their entirety by the terms of the transaction documents, including for each offering the private placement memorandum, and the constitutional documents of Switzerland, and the form of subscription agreement. If you express an interest, documentation will be presented as well as a full explanation of the criteria and risks for investing.

The "RealT Raise" Equity Token

Own a share of our revolutionary company!

RealT has transformed real estate investment by tokenizing properties, making it accessible and transparent. Now, starting at just $50, you can be part of our journey. Our Equity Tokens are structured as a security token offering based on a Swiss company framework.

Our Equity Tokens offer global accessibility and enhanced liquidity on platforms like YAM and DEXes. With our commitment to a secure, compliant environment, we have instituted measures so your investment is protected.

Join us in shaping the future of real estate investment!


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  • Total Tokens


Gnosis Chain


Test Renovation content!

Offering Details

  • Incorporation Date

    March 7, 2024
  • Offering Date

    March 21, 2024
  • Issuer

    RWA Holdings S.A.
  • Min. Investment Amount

  • Max. Investment Amount

  • Amount Raised

  • Offering Percent (of Total Tokens)


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