Getting involved in investing can be a daunting task. Of course, for some types of assets, there may be no community at all. You’re expected to sink or swim based on your own knowledge. Other times, the discussion around investments is less of a community and more of a civil war. Stock message boards, in particular, are notorious for offering a running battle between longs and shorts filled with more insults than useful data. 

RealT’s blockchain real estate community is the polar opposite. Our members support and help each other because in the world of fractional real estate investing, a rising tide lifts all boats. In this post, we’ll give you a quick guide as to how you can start your journey to increase your knowledge in real estate DeFi with the help of our community members.

Step 1:
Before you begin interacting with the real estate blockchain community, your first step is to set up your RealT account. Like any investment platform, we must gather some data from you as part of the “know your customer” (KYC) process. 

Step 2:
Open a digital wallet to hold your tokens such as MetaMask

Step 3:
Once your account is established, you’re all set to buy tokenized real estate as soon as you find a property you like. You’re also ready to dive into the RealT community, spanning multiple platforms. Each serves a different purpose, but your best bet is to find those sites that are most comfortable for you so you can jump into the action. 

How do you begin to find a property you might be interested in? RealT community spans multiple platforms. 


Twitter is the world’s top microblogging platform. You might already have an account to follow the thoughts of your favorite celebrities or athletes, and to catch the news way before it reaches TV. RealT’s Twitter account is very active on new properties about to hit the market and other major announcements. Following the RealT account should be Step 4.


The most popular video platform on the planet, globally, users watch one billion hours of YouTube videos every day. RealT takes advantage of this massive platform to hold bi-monthly community calls covering the hottest crypto real estate topics. We hold them two Thursdays a month; one in English at 16:00 UTC and one in French at 17:00 UTC.  During these, the RealT team speaks to their own agenda items, but also fields questions from the audience via live chat. A great way to speak to the team building this cutting edge new platform. 

Combining decades of real estate experience and cutting edge proptech strategy, there’s a reason why these bi-monthly calls have become appointment viewing for many members of the RealT community. Join our next one to be welcomed by our investors and to begin building your knowledge on passive investment opportunities. 


Yes, Twitter is a fantastic platform for catching announcements from the RealT team; but it can be a hard place to hold solid conversations. Between warring factions of K-Pop fans and political disagreements over every topic imaginable, solid discussion tends to get lost in all the noise.

That’s why RealT has developed a community on Telegram. A cross-platform messaging system, it’s popular for both business and personal use. Beyond instant messaging, Telegram makes it easy to organize groups where discussions can occur without all the distraction of social media. If you have a question on anything from the basics of tokenized real estate to more obscure decentralized finance queries, you’re sure to find an answer here. We’ve even have French and Spanish channels! 


Discord has become a critical voice and text chatting program for online gamers. But the service is so useful it has expanded far beyond gaming, and RealT’s discord community is active and growing. Whether you want to catch up on text chat between your fellow investors, ask your own crypto real estate question, or even join a voice chat that might include investors from around the globe, RealT’s Discord community will greatly improve your knowledge about tokenized assets. 


Keeping with the theme of apps popular with gamers, RealT has also embraced the Twitch platform with a channel devoted to blockchain real estate. Unlike most Twitch channels, we’re not playing games when we go live—we’re sharing information on fractional real estate and helping viewers with questions they might not find answers to on Telegram or Discord. Functionally, Twitch is like our YouTube community calls, but our philosophy is to extend our reach to the platforms our community members already use instead of forcing them to adopt platforms they might not employ today. 

Join Us Today

Whatever platform happens to be your go-to, you’re bound to find a large community of diverse investors ready to help you build your tokenized real estate asset investments successfully. Our community is so dedicated to growing wealth.  By popular demand, we’ve also introduced RealT merch. Whether you form a local group or join an international voice chat on French Telegram, one thing remains the same: RealT’s investors stick together, learn together, and profit together. 

Set up your account today and you will be ready to jump into the action as soon as another property becomes available.

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