Why RealT Investors Get Paid Quickly and Easily

Real Estate has been a cornerstone of building wealth since the early 1800s when the Louisiana purchase became the first big acquisition by the U.S. government. Flash forward a few hundred years. With the birth of the Internet, Real Estate 2.0 sprang to life. Suddenly, information and pictures of properties appeared at our fingertips instead of being guarded by agents and other gatekeepers. 

What didn’t change in Real Estate 2.0? Who was investing in real estate. Despite technological leaps, the wealthy players with assets to buy properties with the stroke of a pen still comprised its movers and shakers. Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, RealT is disrupting the status quo with the emergence of Real Estate 3.0 a.k.a. blockchain real estate.

Utilizing blockchain in real estate couldn’t be a more natural fit. Fractional ownership real estate is an idea long overdue—but it wasn’t until the advent of blockchain and the real estate tokenization that it enables, that it could become a reality. (If you think fractional real estate sounds strange, consider how common fractional ownership is in other investment classes, like the stock market.) 

To put this in perspective, Crypto darling Coinbase is a publicly traded company. No one would think twice in buying into its $64 billion market cap by purchasing some of its 114 million publicly traded shares. Of course, each of these shares represents ownership of a tiny fraction of the company, and anyone with enough money to buy a single share can become an owner using a popular no-fee app, like Robinhood. This begs the question: why shouldn’t real estate investors have the same golden opportunity? RealT believes they should and has harnessed the power of tokenized real estate to make this happen.

Starting your journey to becoming the landlord of the future with RealT is simple and straightforward. Just prove your ID, select Ethereum or xDAI as your preferred method to receive tokens and rent, and you’re off to the races! Your account is active, and you can browse available properties to purchase crypto real estate—whether you’re interested in purchasing one token at a time or buying a larger share of a property. 

Now, let’s get more granular. Most new investors at RealT have the same burning question: “How do I choose the perfect property?” Everyone knows the three laws of real estate are: “location, location, location.” But Real Estate 3.0 adds a fourth law: move fast

RealT properties often sell their entire token pool within days or even hours of properties posting. In fact, our community loves to make memes on just how fast tokens sell out. For real estate vets used to doing massive amounts of due diligence before placing hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk, this seems daunting—but it shouldn’t. 

You see, RealT does the due diligence of finding properties to maximize rent yield and minimize risk, therefore you aren’t putting thousands upon thousands of dollars at risk. You can actually start blockchain real estate investing by purchasing a single token at around $50. And if you end up not liking the property you’ve invested in, you can sell the token back to us. 

The real risk in Real Estate 3.0 is missing out on the opportunity. Unlike traditional real estate transactions which can take seemingly forever to close and even more time to actually generate rent, you’re an owner the second you buy a RealT token. 

As a result, our investors begin receiving weekly rent payments within seven days of their token purchase. This rent may be withdrawn if you need liquid assets, but many of our investors view their rent payments as a passive investment opportunity. 

Accordingly, our platform allows investors to reinvest their rent payments into other properties, diversifying their portfolio at the same time they’re growing it. RealT tokens are also an excellent asset to have for those interested in deeper dives into DeFi (decentralized finance). 

What’s more, because our tokens are tied to a strong asset—fractional ownership in a property—they provide leverage for use in Ethereum smart contracts. This is often a confusing topic for newcomers, but our active community of DeFi experts love to help new investors learn the ropes. Our new investors quickly become part of our community, so we’d like to end this post by sharing a success story from a recent investor.

A person we will call Kevin has been a RealT investor for about three months. He is in his 20’s, currently living in France where he works for a software company. Kevin came to RealT because he was interested in crypto, but truly fascinated by the idea of tokenized assets. 

He started by investing $50 in a single token for a recently listed property but has quickly grown his portfolio. He has purchased tokens in about 20 sales since his first purchase, and now has about $1,200 invested in blockchain real estate. 

He has chosen to reinvest his weekly rent payments, which earned him tokens in another four properties. In three months, Kevin has become a Real Estate 3.0 investor holding ownership stakes in 24 properties in three cities with a mix of multi-tenant and single-family properties. 

If you’re ready to be the next Kevin, generating a strong real estate portfolio decades before you dreamed it possible, it’s time for you to join the RealT community. View our current investment opportunities and follow us on Twitter to join the blockchain real estate revolution.

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