Discord chat rooms buzzing with conversation… 

A world-spanning community packed with avid members, their eyes locked on the clock, hoping to speed up the seconds as they tick away… 

Let’s be clear—we aren’t describing a video game dropping a new update or tickets coming online for an exclusive concert. We’re describing the building anticipation as a new RealT property hits the marketplace.

The palpable excitement that mounts before a new property is made available on the RealT tokenized real estate marketplace is nothing short of electric. Our team announces new properties a mere 24 hours before they are available for investors to add to their blockchain real estate portfolio. 

Of course, no one in the community receives an early look, meaning the entire fractional real estate market is on the same footing. When the countdown finally hits zero, the RealT tokens in the new property are often gone in a flash. New members of our community often wonder why tokens sell out so fast, so in this post we’ll share several reasons behind the lightning-fast nature of RealT’s tokenized assets—but first, we need to address FOMO.

FOMO, shorthand for “fear of missing out,” is common in the crypto space. Whenever a new coin or token hits the scene, investors see it as their chance of riding the next Bitcoin all the way to the moon. They may have missed Bitcoin when it was only worth a penny, but they don’t want to miss the latest chance to grow their real estate portfolio. 

Some people look at how fast RealT’s fractional real estate tokens sell out and point right to FOMO. But the fact is, FOMO plays a small part in our investors’ rush to buy tokens, if any at all. Our offerings are not “one time only” by any means—our community receives a new opportunity to get in on the ground floor every time we offer a new property

So, if it’s not FOMO, what drives the enthusiasm? In large part, it’s confidence in RealT’s team and the success we’ve built. The blockchain real estate community recognizes RealT’s success track record. Leveraging our team’s many decades of real estate mastery, we consistently offer fractional ownership real estate opportunities that are home runs—desirable properties in growth markets with rent yields typically above 10%—and sometimes even higher. 

Although we won’t go deeply into the combination of science and art guiding our team’s property selection, one of our core focuses is on section 8 rentals in cities like Cleveland, Akron, and Detroit which provide greater stability of rent payment. We also have a general plan applying to every property we offer—partnering with a local property management company and rehabbing buildings to maximize rent yields. As a result, our many investors don’t only have confidence in our property selection, but also in how we mitigate risk of their investment in crypto real estate.

After all, the single greatest danger in real estate investing is foreclosure. To be sure, RealT investors have never suffered from a foreclosure, and it’s not just because we always make loan payments on time. It’s because all our properties are purchased outright and carry no loan at all. 

While traditional real estate investors stress over their LTV (loan-to-value ratio), RealT investors enjoy the passive investment opportunities presented by weekly rent payments. Our investors also know if they feel their tokens in a particular property no longer fit with their investment goals, they can sell them back at any time. Try getting your money back in about a week with any other real estate investment!

So, what does the future hold for the RealT community? Our investors continue to grow in numbers, which means demand for tokens will also grow. Yet few investors choose to buy tokens in just one property. Once they’ve experienced real estate success and begun collecting weekly rent, they broaden their portfolio by buying other offerings as they become available. 

Still, although our community loves to buy tokens as soon as they hit the market, there’s never an effort to shut new investors out. Far from being an investment community with a moat around it, our investors embrace newbies and many enjoy explaining the process to first-time crypto real estate investors. The real question is for you: why haven’t you gotten started yet?

Our process is simple. Just set up your account today and you’ll be ready to jump into the action as soon as another property becomes available. Also, follow us on Twitter to hear the first word on upcoming property offerings. Before long, you’ll join the many other people around the world just waiting for that countdown clock to hit zero.

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