The power of the Blockchain with the simplicity of the traditional web made possible thanks to “walletless”

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In this news release, RealT announced the launch of “Walletless”, a feature that allows investors to participate in the new realm of tokenization of assets without a Crypto-Wallet. “Wallletless” is available now to both individuals and business entities and will soon be available to US self-directed IRAs.

To remain a leader in the real estate tokenization market, RealT continues to innovate in the world of decentralized finance and Web3. From its launch in 2019, RealT had to face a paradox. On the one hand, RealT broke the barriers of accessibility and liquidity by being able to become a co-owner for $50 and being able to resell its RealTokens in 2 clicks. On the other hand, Web3 added new barriers with the creation and management of a non-custodial wallet that strongly limited mass adoption.

RealT was convinced that the blockchain would follow the same way as other protocols that had become the hidden part of the iceberg. We can give you two examples with emails and the web.

Today, sending and receiving an email is not difficult for you, and you do not know that this service is based on the SMTP computer protocol.

Today, you don’t ask yourself any questions about how to navigate on the web, and we are convinced that few people know that behind the web is hidden the HTTP protocol.

Today, buying a RealToken becomes as easy as sending an email thanks to “walletless”! Tomorrow, users will buy RealTokens without noticing that the underlying technology is blockchain. With “walletless”, in two clicks, you can buy your first RealToken and start collecting your distribution every week.

“Walletless” at the crossroads between custodial and non-custodial wallet

On the one hand, companies such as Binance, FTX, or Coinbase allow their users to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies. For users, these services are easier and more accessible to use, but the downside is that users never own their crypto-assets. The quote “Not your keys, not your crypto” is the perfect illustration of this. Unfortunately, a lot of users discovered it with the Celsius case and other such files.

On the other hand, for years, non-custodial wallets have appeared, and the best known are Metamask or Trust Wallet. Users are responsible and actually own their crypto-assets since they own their private keys. Actually, owning these crypto-assets requires a lot of user empowerment. Indeed, with this type of wallet, the “forgotten password” function does not exist. If you lost your 12 or 24 words, then your funds are lost forever. The same is true if you have not secured your password and a hacker corrupts your account. You will have very little recourse to recover your funds.

For these reasons, many people do not want to manage this whole part of their wallets. The “walletless” was designed to address this problem and is based on the “Gnosis Safe” developed by the Gnosis team.

RealT takes a step forward in the user experience of security tokens

From their RealT account, they will be able to manage their real estate portfolio.

They can buy their RealTokens by credit card in two clicks and resell them directly from their interface. They will be able to consult from their space, their income distributed each week or directly receive it as a reinvestment property to optimize compound interest.

Future features will allow them to directly use their balance to buy new RealTokens or request to receive their income directly in their bank account when it reaches a certain amount.

From a security point of view, we are adding an overlay with the activation of mandatory 2FA for “walletless” users. 2FA is optional for users who have not opted for this feature.

DEFI brings benefits to security tokens

“Walletless” users will not be able to take full advantage of our entire ecosystem. They will be able to learn all the possibilities we offer our customers at their own pace and can, when they wish, migrate from “walletless” to a non-custodial storage solution.

At that moment, they will be able to take full advantage of the power of our entire ecosystem. They will be able to take advantage of the power of the secondary market to be able to buy or resell RealTokens. They will be able to use the leverage effect of the collateralization with the RMM, if they wish to obtain instant liquidity on their RealTokens. They can directly buy RealTokens with cryptocurrency on the RealT website with our partner Request Network.

Today, with RealT, you can create your own real estate portfolio at your own pace and discover this universe of decentralized finance.

If you have just discovered our ecosystem, we invite you to read our first six episodes, to join our community on Telegram and to subscribe to our YouTube channel to come and ask your questions directly to the founders in our lives every Thursday.


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